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Updated: May 18, 2020

For the first time since the second world war,

The CNE will be cancelling its festivities this year due to social distancing practices.

I can remember heading there in my youth, the excitement was in the air.

Completely hopped up on candy apples and mini donuts.

Losing all my money to the carnies trying to win a rolling Stones patch, or some rock and roll mirror, or furry dice.

Then later on in my teens going to check out shows and then inevitably lining up for those footlong hot dogs.

I remember for years it was always that same carnie that ran the zipper, they always had the nice sound system at the zipper.

You would hop on and the long-haired guy with no shirt on would give you that same line with a subtle wIff of some kind of ale coming off his breath……

"Wanna take a spin man"

Of course he would whip your cart spinning upside down, usually to the tune of

Van Halen's " jump" or Steve Millers " keep on rockin me baby"

or something of that nature.

So for next year…….

Let's go to the EX

What's your fondest memories of the EX ?

(Some photos from the Toronto archives)



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