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Tow Truck Turf War in Toronto

The ongoing turf war between tow truck drivers in Toronto has descended into escalating acts of vandalism and violence between rival vehicle vultures. With people's lives already at risk during the current global pandemic, public safety is being pounded by industry corrupion and infighting.

My experience with tow truck drivers has generally been positive as a whole, the few times ive been in need, the men and women who have responded to my call have been helpful and considerate. But the few self interested who are participating in recent acts of intimidation and savagery have stained a necessary service that has always had a public image issue. It is this bloggers opinion that wild west gunslinger battles between these violent road rats must end now.

Wheither legislation or regulation is needed to control an already out of control industry, one thing is for certain , Something must done. End all ongoing auto wars and return our streets to saftey.

Demand nothing less in this beautiful city we call home.

Gordon Feeney

Black Donnelly Media

(photo courtesy of Phil Pang)


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