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T.O Indie Reggae Label Small Chop Gaining Street Cred From Jamaica! Labels 3rd Release! |By Anthony


Small Chop Records, a Toronto based indie record label, has just released its third track, "She Loves Me" from Jules Uno, featuring Kulcha Ites. This comes at an opportune time after the label's singer-songwriter Jennifer "Boots On The Ground" Barrett gained recognition in the Island Of Jamaica where reggae originates. This is a major accomplishment for the indie label and an honor for Canada's reggae community.

This month has been anything but dull for Toronto label owner Shane Hockett.

There is no denying the label's growth, from the logo's to the promotional material, when you see it by the numbers and literally, everything is bigger, brighter, and bolder.

I've known Shane since the beginning of our music industry careers, and over time we became great friends. One thing is certain: his passion for music (which prominently features Reggae) can be seen in every aspect of his business and reflects on the entire reason he is here on track 3 working alongside (Singer and Lyrics) Torontonian Kulcha Ites & the Now Vancouver Toronto transplant Producer Jules Uno for the new release "She Loves Me"

He believed that, with the right support,Toronto Reggae could be a presence in the market for the future and he wanted to help artists reach new heights.

After months of planning, Shane was finally ready to launch Toronto Reggae Music. His first artist was Kingston Jamaica,s Jennifer Barrett.

In order to fully realize his vision, He knew he had to nurture and protect their creative spirit in order to really make it work. and also to make sure that the label was represented well. from the sound, image and logo design In the three tracks since its launch, The Small Chop label;s Music has expanded its reach outside of Canada. in rotation in several countries, lets not forget to mention the country of origin, the defining sound of Jamaica!

Shane Hockett and The Labels Music have come a long way since the label’s launch, The Indie sector of the industry has allowed him to take his label to new heights. as the label continues to create an uplifting and inspiring sound.

I spoke to The Small Chop Records Owner Operator | Artist | (The Governor)

Shane "Rednote Selector"Hockett

Having the ability to collaborate with my friends and put this music out is special and to make some new ones along the way, Working with the great Jennifer Barrett has been an education for me. She has taught me many things about the industry and her homeland of Jamaica, Her tenacity is generous and her passion has purpose and has been pinnacle in the drive behind the success of the track.

She is a great soul and has been very helpful to help spread the gospel of Small Chop records and being the first artist to appear on our label. Through her work and ours, the track has literally travelled from Toronto to Jamaica and around the Globe

The owner of Small Chop Records has been trying to gain Jamaican recognition for their Canadian reggae music. It seems their hard work paid off with the success of Jennifer Barrett's second release, entitled "Dub is a Battlefield". Not only did the song gain acceptance in the origin country of the genre,but also resonating in rotation with many people. This kind of extensive exposure is usually something only the big labels can achieve, but Small Chop Records Kingston chapter pulled it off!

If I may, Shane has had me on board with the team heading branding, imaging,artwork, Video and promotions, to see locals in Jamaica with The Kingston Chapter, spearheaded by the label's own Jennifer Barrett, all wearing my artwork is a significant pride vibe indeed, (Check Out Video Below) -Anthony Donnelly

At The chop house table.all eat from the same bread, and that loaf is Reggae with joy from the fruits of their collaborations. before showcasing and getting to this new summer Reggae Jam, I can't just fast forward without shining some light on getting here, the influence of a genre, and the recognition from the ones the label hold sacred to the industry.

If you're interested in gaining more knowledge about Jennifer Barrett with her back story, be sure to take a peek at her video that thousands have seen across the globe.

It's available right here for you to watch.

Just click the pic

Music genres are a way of categorizing music based on the style, instrumentation, and other characteristics. They provide a way for music fans to identify and organize their favorite types of music. Genres are usually associated with certain countries or regions, as different cultures often have their own distinct musical styles. By understanding the different musical genres and how they originate from certain countries, we can gain an appreciation for the diversity of musical styles around the world.

Music is a universal language that people from all walks of life can enjoy. Music genres are a way to classify different types of music and help us understand the cultural influences behind them. Every region has its own unique music genre, and these genres often reflect the culture and history of the country they come from.

Genres are an important part of the culture of any country. While some genres are identified with specific cities or countries, others have been embraced by many cultures around the world.. Certain genres have become popular in other countries and cultures, and why they have been so successful.

So how did we get here, how did Reggae arrive, and how did it get sent back over while setting the stage for the new Kulcha Ites release ?

Let's take a brief look closer together at the makings of a concept driven by another country's influence.

Tracing the source of the phrase "reggae" isn't difficult. They popularized it in 1968 with the release of a song called "Do the Reggay" by The Maytals and their lead singer, "Toots" Hibbert. This single put forth a sound that had already been emerging from Jamaica during the 1960s—a mixture of ska, rock, and Calypso music.

In an interview about his creation "Toots" referred to "reggay" as being related to individuals appearing somewhat haggard or out of sorts (prior slang variations like "rege," "strege," and "rege-rege" also existed). Yet, nowadays, reggae is universally associated with a sense of beauty, tranquility, and even spirituality.

After success recording with producer Clement “Coxsone” Dodd, they won a song competition with their original song “Bam Bam”. Toots was jailed for marijuana possession in 1966, but upon release wrote "54-46 That’s My Number". Their fame increased in 1978 when The Specials covered "Toots- Monkey Man" In 2004, they won a Grammy for best Reggae album with "True Love".

Most if not all original Genres have subgenres because of their popularity in different countries, and Reggae is packing an abundance; what about a new one for the list?

So can we now add Toreggae (Jamaican influenced reggae with Torontonian origins) to the list? What about Chop Reggae? The third release from the label has just dropped, and we're riding high on the success of "Boots on the Ground Barretts" Dub Is A Battlefield. The chophouse "Small Chop Studios" are thrilled about the release, and black Donnelly media is just as thrilled to be on board to present the official media release today with you !

Thank you for joining us in this exploration of the label. He is using a unique approach to creating the perfect reggae kick-off. I am honored to have been a part of the evolution, and I am eager to see what lies ahead. Adhering to tradition and etiquette, Shane has been producing exclusive batches of 7 inch records for music enthusiasts who want something more than a digital download.

To see them sell so fast is a joy to both the artists and the label.

The third release here, She Loves Me, is sure to be a summer hit with three Torontonians on board taking the lead vocals Is Reggae Chanter

I recall being introduced to Kulcha at a Small Chop Soundsystem Gathering.

Small Chop Gatherings have been organized by Shane, the owner, and myself on weekends during the summer since lockdown ended. We set up the sound system, prepare our favorite vinyls for the day, and put on a free show outdoors at various parks and street sides in Toronto and my favorite location to chop, that I first met Kulcha in Kensington Market)

Wayne Grindley AKA Kulcha Ites

Was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Growing up in a musical family, I was exposed to music from a young age. With this experience, I was able to learn various instruments and compose my own music.

As we move into the year 2023, I am fortunate enough to collaborate with Jules Uno and Rednote Selector on a vinyl limited edition

Jules is a native of Toronto who currently resides in B.C. While this track is reggae oriented, he also produces hip-hop. A jack of all trades, Jules is not only a DJ and artist but also a sculptor, promoter, producer, and member of the Good Times Crew/GTC, ERU Crew, Evil Robot Army and Pinball Wizard.

"So stoked at the third release. It's been really exciting since the launch of the record label. It feels like a lifetime in the making. I couldn't have asked for a better welcome into the world of making records"-Shane

An East Ender for sure, to know the Governor is to know that he puts his whole heart into everything he does. Aside from launching this independent project, he still maintains an active relationship, works full-time so that he can provide with pride, and with a new baby on the way, he manages to make it all look so easy , His story has been a colorful journey so far.

City :Toronto

  • Former 88.1 FM broadcaster, Collector, Dj and selec

  • Over 25 years experience,VERSIONXCURSION 88.1FM.

  • Thymeless & Andy pool Hall DUB COLLECTIVE, SYKOSIS ,


  • Small Chop Records

Shane "Rednote Selector" Hockett | Kulcha Ites | Jules Uno are the trio behind the production line up for Small Chops Records 3rd release" She Loves Me "

As I dove into the project, I couldn't help but feel a certain buzz . The record label had really hit its stride, and the team seemed to be in perfect harmony. Kulcha Ites provided the perfect backdrop for Jules and Rednote to lay down this signature sound, and with my keen eye for imaging, feel it is a great combination.

Pouring myself into the project, the creative chemistry grew stronger. Late nights turned into early mornings fine tuning artwork tweaking every detail until it was just right. And now it is finally done, we sit back and listen to the finished product together with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

From Toronto to Kingston and everywhere in between, the buzz is palpable among our Indie Reggae Community. The record label has done it again, and the only thing left to do is to keep pushing ourselves.

In any outlet of music, in my opinin, the goal must be to always keep maintaining the integrity to ensuring the main drive behind all of it, .......

is to put good music out there for the Artists, The Listner, & The Label or you are in the wrong business, or in it for the wrong reasons

Shane gave me 3 small sketches of a man and a woman and a speaker, drawn by Jules years ago on a scrap piece of paper. He asked if I could work around those sketches, which was a challenge to visualize, and faced with the task to make sense of someone else's concept.

I stayed true to the style of design I had created for Jennifer Barrett

In order to keep the underlying image and feel as close to the original label art that great record designers from the early Jamaican Ska and R&B labels used to create. Keeping it roots was my goal, and this is the result.

Thank you for your support of Small Chop Records! We truly appreciate you taking the time to read this article and learn more about the song we’re premiering. Your presence makes it all possible and we’re so grateful.

At Small Chop Records, we’re passionate about creating music that resonates with people. Music that can bring people together, create a mood, make you feel something, or even just provide a pleasant background noise.

We strive to create music that connects with people in the most meaningful ways.

The song we’re premiering is no exception. It’s a unique blend of genres and styles, with an emphasis on groove and soul.

We hope it resonates with you and that you’ll catch a vibe.

Most of all, we thank you again from everyone in the Chophouse for supporting us and taking the time to read this article. Without your support, none of this would be possible. We’re truly grateful and know that our music wouldn’t have the reach it does without YOU!

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